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You'll buy the Service Manual for repair of your equipment with safety payment billing through a credit card, PayPal or online check. The delivery will be by e-mail or by downloading link. The time of delivery is couple of hours. After processing Your credit card You will receive an e-mail notification about processing results and Your order number. Then, you'll have to fill out the web form, where you're inform me the model number, that you have ordered. Or else, You'll need to inform me by email what your order is. For example: the model number. You will be e-mailed with the URL where You can download Your ordered files. Please note that we are not responsible if Your e-mail server or e-mail box is not working.

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You can buy the documentations with PayPal, Western Union, Money Gramm, E-Gold, ACH Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), Venmo and Zelle, too. To have it realized, please, e-mail me. You can to pay by Skrill. To have it realized, please, send the money to my email For PayPal, please, payments 10$ to this email: For Venmo or Zelle, to have it realized, please, e-mail me. Please, inform me your back email and ID transaction after payment complete. Thank you.